Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bridge Over Un-Troubled Waters

A bridge signifies a journey ... over something ... to another place. In the landscape, a bridge is an open invitation to come and explore. When that bridge transcends water, the explorer lingers to enjoy the view of the rippling stream, cascading waterfalls, playful fish, and all the plants that find nourishment in and around the water garden.

  Shimmers of golden koi catch the eye while crossing this graceful garden bridge.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Small Ponds Pack a Punch

If you're under the mistaken impression that a pond simply won't fit in your yard ... think again! Ponds come in a variety of shapes and sizes and their versatility is what makes them such a great addition to your landscape ... in addition to the music of the waterfalls and the birds and butterflies they attract.

You might not think to use big rocks for a smaller pond, but a few boulders create focal points, softened by aquatic plants. The flat rock on the left is a perfect spot to sit and dangle tired tootsies in the water.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Aquatic Plants: The Colors of Fall

Mother Nature was kind enough to provide us with an explosion of color as plants nod off to dormancy. Orange, yellow, bronze, gold, red ... all of these can be found painted across the petals of aquatic plants. Why should trees get to have all the fun, anyway?

Nymphaea 'Comanche' displays its burnished color against deep green leaves.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gazebos and Water Gardens: A Match Made in Heaven

If I moved into a new house and were granted 2 wishes for the landscape, I would choose a water garden and a gazebo. Both remind me of a fairy tale garden ... or the type of garden you'll see in Heaven. My grandmother in Williams Bay, Wisconsin had an adorable "summer house" in her yard that I loved playing in for hours. She also had a crystal clear stream running through her backyard where we'd catch minnows, search for pretty rocks, and pretend we were in another world altogether. What's not to love about Gazebos and Water Gardens?

A garden bench tucked inside a pondside cottage gazebo makes for the perfect reading spot to refresh your mind and soul.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Designing Your Dream Pond

"It's all in the details." How many times have you heard that quote, and who was the first to say it, anyway? Whether you're planning a wedding, decorating your house, or writing a book ... the details put the finishing touch to everything. It's no different with water gardening. Attention to pond design details will make a water garden truly fabulous. As Autumn approaches, now is a great time to turn a critical eye to your backyard and start planning its makeover. You can find gardening items and pond products on sale this time of year ... design and install your pond in the cooler months of fall and you can look forward to hours of enjoyment when spring rolls around. Here's a stunning landscape complete with ecosystem pond that's chock full of thoughtful details that delight the eye at every bend and turn of the water.

At first glance, the extensive landscaping is evident, and then you notice details such as the spill of the waterfalls, the pops of color from flowers on the shore, and the orange and white dots of the fish in the cool, dark water.

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