Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When Your Pond Begins to Thaw

Depending on where you live, your pond might be showing the first signs of thawing … or it may be another month or two before that happens. No matter your geographic location, here are some tips for when your pond begins to thaw.

You may see lots of string algae. That’s okay since nothing is taking the nutrients out of the water at this time and the bacteria is not yet active. Don’t panic! It’s the only green plant growing so leave it alone.

Once your pond is cleaned out, some algae may grow again. Remember, it will probably still be cold and the above information is still relevant.

Once the pond’s water temperature is above 50 degrees, you can begin adding Beneficial Bacteria for Ponds and S.A.B.™ Stream and Pond Clean.

Your fish may look like they need to eat and even come to the surface looking for their first spring treat, but don’t do it! Wait until the water temperature will remain over 50 degrees. (If you feed them now, your fish could suffer.)

Consider whether you want to hire someone to clean out your pond this spring. To find a Certified Aquascape Contractor in your region, log onto

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