Friday, May 20, 2011

Fountains Aflow in the Garden

We're drawn to the sound of water ... while walking in the woods it beckons us to glimpse a nearby creek. When shopping, we're lured to the center court fountain to sit a spell and rest our weary feet until the next store tempts us to browse new trinkets. In your landscape, a fountain can be tucked into any corner that begs for a focal point.

A grouping of fountain rocks greets visitors near the home's front door. An underground basin holds water that is circulated by a pump up through the rocks, where the water spills over and falls back into the basin, covered with gravel.

Look closely ... the wooden bowl overflows with rainwater stored beneath the bowl. The rainwater is captured off the home's roof and can also be accessed to irrigate the landscape.

A close-up photo shows the details of this beautiful, natural piece, where water lettuce bobs on the water's surface.

A frog on a mushroom gets his water from the pond before spitting it back in. Spitter-type fountains like this add an interesting dimension to an existing water feature.

Landscape lighting casts drama in the garden when used in conjunction with a beautiful fountain.

A simple, rustic urn will draw birds and butterflies to bathe and drink from its overflow. Imagine this near a garden path to be enjoyed by all.

More fountain rocks greet visitors along the walkway and provide great curb appeal.

Of course, an unexpected bit of whimsy is always a hit! Add a fogger at Halloween for an eery effect.

Who says you have to have just one fountain? A trio like this adds to the zen of this special garden.

Rain appears to be falling from the umbrella of this brass fountain. No matter your taste or budget, there's a fountain just for you!

Special thanks to Nita over at Mod Vintage Life for inspiring me to post fountain photos after seeing her Garden Fountain blog post.


Shona Martinez said...
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Shona Martinez said...

Fountains or any type of water features are one of the important elements in a garden or any landscape. It can give a certain landscape a sense of peace and tranquility. It can also be the center of attraction. You’ll just need to choose a water fountain that would stand out amidst the landscape yet still blend in with the existing garden design. ->Shona Martinez

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