Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pond Paradise in the Backyard

Some might view a wooded, sloping lot as a landscaper's design challenge. But when you incorporate water, the solution is quite simple. Work with the natural slope of the yard to create stunning waterfalls, and create twists and turns around trees to provide visual interest. This yard has it all! From a soothing water feature to gazebo to outdoor kitchen, and more!

Just outside the patio door is a stunning fireplace and flagstone patio that cozies up to a
small waterfall and pond. Comfortable seating provides a great place for relaxing well into the evening.

And if dinner is on your mind, these lucky homeowners can take care of that order on the outside grill.

The upper falls and pond cascade into another waterfall, taking advantage of the natural slope.

A lower patio provides yet another vantage point for relaxing and viewing the water feature.

A rustic footbridge provides access from the lower patio over a stream.
Here you can dangle your feet and cool your tootsies.

The water continues its course falling over yet another series of cascading rocks and gravel.
Shade loving plants add softness to the cool stone.

The rustic footbridge leads to a wooden stairway, inviting you to explore more of this beautiful yard.

Stunning waterlilies and colorful koi provide pops of color.

Look closely and you might even find a new friend or two.

With a yard like this, you can enjoy a vacation every day of the year!
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Heaven's Walk said...

Oh, Jennifer.....I want I want I want....


That is heaven on earth!!!!!

xoxo laurie

Sheila said...

The only word that comes to mind is WOW!! Beautiful can't even describe how heavenly that is.

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Love it! We want to add a water feature and we also have a sloping yard. The fire place is also just what we are looking for. Thanks for sharing the inspirational photos!
Visiting from FNF.


Nicole Martin said...

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