Thursday, January 27, 2011

Nightscaping the Pond

Winter always seems to allow more time for sleeping and dreaming, and what I like to dream about most on wintry days ... is summery outdoor enjoyment! There's nothing quite as magical as being outside on a summer evening when the crickets are chirping, citronella candles are flickering, and the melodious sound of a waterfall is playing in the background. Rather than write about special summer evenings by the pond, I decided to share a few of my favorite photos that illustrate the beauty of landscape lighting. Energy efficient LED lights from Aquascape were used in these photos. Enjoy!

Landscape lighting is reflected in the pond.

Close-up photo shows the underwater lighting.

Uplighting the trees creates a dramatic backdrop for the pond.

Waterfall lights add an intriguing dimension.

  Even at dusk, the pond looks great.


Landscape Designer Houston said...

Landscape lighting truly enhances the nighttime curb appeal of your home and adds a measure of safety and security.

Mark Osberg said...

These pictures really show what life can come to an outdoor environment at night. Water and light, a great combination. Ideas- endless. Value-priceless. Only your imagination is what it takes.

Pond Supplies said...

The underwater light looks very beautiful. It gives nice look in night. Really underwater lighting gives nice effects on water.

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