Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Magic of Kid-Friendly Ponds

Innocent eyes grow wide with wonder at the sight of a backyard pond. So much to explore as tiny fingers dip into the water in hopes of petting the golden fish gliding by. A nearby frog plops into the pond amidst squeals of delight. A water garden hypnotically draws a wee one to its shore for hours of exploration and fun. Truly, what child can resist the call of Mother Nature?

No one can resist the urge to feed a few hungry fish. Imagine this little boy's delight when the fish come up out of the water ... it's like a scene from Disney!

There's no fighting between siblings when the serenity of a water garden beckons sisters to dangle their feet and enjoy the wonders of the pond world.

Nibbles and giggles go hand-in-hand.

Not one to be left out, Fido follows his mistress to the pond for hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

Little brother and big sister pair up to cool off in the shade by the waterfall.

Even babies are naturally drawn to the water and rocks in hopes of exploring all the joys that nature has to offer.


Amber Kalb said...

I love these pictures and the post thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

Yes....and we have only scratched the surface on opportunities with kids....I have a student entertaining a masters thesis on water garden environments for play and special needs populations...water gardens have soooo much to over today's world!

Kate Latierra said...

Awesome photos and great insight into the attraction of water features to kids, particularly ponds.

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