Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Wonder of Waterlilies

Monet painted many water gardens and waterlilies ... and for good reason. The serene beauty of waterlilies stretching regally above the water or floating gracefully on the pond's surface inspires many an artist ... whether painter, photographer, or writer.

This Red Attraction waterlily pops out against the bright green lily pads.

Even a neighboring frog can't resist the beauty of this yellow stunner.

A close-up shot of a waterlily at the Chicago Botanical Gardens reveals the intricate details of the waterlily.

Is there anything as beautiful in the garden as waterlilies that salute the sun?

The tropical, day-blooming Panama Pacific waterlily wears its purple coat with royal pride.

Compared to this white, night-blooming Lily Trudy Slocum tropical waterlily, it's easy to see why artists around the world are captivated by these elegant creatures.

Another tropical waterlily shows a softer shade ... there's a color for every gardener out there.

Imagine, waking up to find this beautiful bloom floating on your pond!

Or even two of these ...

So many choices!

It's hard to stop at just one. Pink Grapefruit lilies ... do you see the fish at the edge of the lily pads?

What color is your favorite?

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Tanna at The Brick Street Bungalow said...

Those are wonderful photos of some beautiful water lilies!!

PlantPostings said...

Hello Jennifer: Wow, those are beautiful photos of Waterlilies! I'm a huge fan, too, and I especially like the way you captured the light behind them. Breathtaking! I'm so glad I stopped by your blog! Welcome to Blotanical, too!

Katy Landscaping said...

Such lovely, lovely photos. Thanks for sharing. I agree, the waterlilies are very stunning.

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