Friday, April 8, 2011

Create a Container Water Garden

Maybe you've dreamed of having your own water garden but prefer to dip your toes into this wonderful gardening hobby before diving in head first. Let these photos inspire you to create some fascinating container water gardens.

A small brass leaf drips water into this orange pot nestled in between striking coneflowers.

Beautiful waterlilies pop out from this ceramic cobalt blue bowl.

A large, blue urn is the perfect foil against the weathered, brick patio. Aquatic plants rise from the stately urn while annuals dance in the wind in their soil-filled terra cotta pots.

Even if you already have a large water garden in your yard, you can still enjoy the simple beauty that a container water garden provides.

A container water garden can be a small investment. This small planter sports a few water lettuce. Quaint and simple fills the bill for this cottage garden.

Stately Taro stand at attention in this concrete urn, welcoming visitors to the backyard.

A plain, terra cotta pot gets dressed up with some moss and a decorative globe. A small, underground reservoir catches the dripping water and is pumped back up through the pot to repeat its cycle.

What type of container water garden will you create?


The Sage Butterfly said...

Great ideas! I have been thinking of adding a water feature to my garden. Your posts will give me some great ideas. And welcome to Blotanical. It is a supportive community for bloggers.

Gardens at Waters East said...

I like a number of the things you have done here. With Lake Michigan a part of my gardens, I am careful not to "interfere" with its sounds and beauty but a pot water garden may work. I do have a small Asian fountain patio garden and a rain garden pond that collects the runoff from the roof. Just need to be sure I do not, as I said earlier overpower the beauty and sounds of the Lake. Any ideas. You can see the Lake in many of my past postings and see how it plays a vital part in my gardens here at Waters East. Jack

p3chandan said...

Great ideas...I love them all! Here we must be careful of disease-born mosquitoes breeding in those containers, so we put some Abate (special salt) to kill the larvae once a month. The local Municipal will make their rounds to check on those larvae and will get a summon if they find mosquito larvae in our compound!

Aquascape Your Landscape said...

p3chandan - you can always add a couple Rosy Reds (small fish) to your container water garden. They'll eat the mosquito larvae!

Aquascape Your Landscape said...

Gardens at Waters East - Love your photography on your blog site! If you don't want to distract from the lake sounds and beauty, why not tuck some simple container water gardens around your property? You can even place one near the front door to greet guests.

Katy Landscaping said...

Your ideas are beautiful. I was thinking of using a small fish tank/aquarium with more water plants than fish. I like your idea of putting Rosy Reds to take care of the mosquito larvae. Perhaps maybe several large transparent glass jars dotting the landscape. Thanks for the ideas. Great post.

Becky Smith~Schee said...

I love all the ideals of the container water gardens. I have just ordered a whiskey barrel liner to make one in to go on my patio. Now all I need is to order plants. Thanks for sharing.

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