Friday, August 5, 2011

From Landscape to Waterscape

People love before and after photos ... an ugly duckling turned swan. I like to think this is because a positive transformation touches on something personal to each and every one of us. We each see our own flaws, and stand in amazement when our spouse or love interest thinks that flaw is cute and endearing ... we're also appreciative they feel this way. And so it is with before and after projects ... someone has looked at a dilapidated home and seen the charm of yesteryear that can be restored. Or consider the barren, boring yard that an artful landscaper sees as a blank canvas for a creative outdoor oasis. So today I'm sharing some amazing transformations with you, in hopes you'll be inspired to create some beauty of your own ... in your own backyard.

BEFORE: Hundreds of thousands of yards look just like this one. Lots of green grass, a fence for privacy, a shed for tools, a patio for outdoor dining, and a shrub or two.

AFTER: But how much better is this simple transformation? In just one day a beautiful pond and waterfall were added. The variation in rock size and placement creates a natural-looking water garden.

BEFORE: Lots of grass to mow and water - a waste of prized space. A few bushes soften the edges of this home's lower level, but there could be so much more.

AFTER: An idyllic setting sure to fancy the most finicky of gardeners. Hydrangeas and Taro soften the cool, hard edges of the stone while waterlilies and koi provide pops of color. This is one of my favorite transformations.

BEFORE: Some of us are all too familiar with shady patches of lawn that resist growing grass of any type. You're either left with barren spots or ...

AFTER: ... you turn it into something truly fabulous and amazing! Couldn't you just spend hours on end exploring every inch of this waterscape?

BEFORE: If you live near the country like me, you see a lot of landscapes like this. The horse barn is absolutely beautiful, but the foreground is sorely lacking.

AFTER: Not anymore! This photo is worthy of a Country Living centerfold, don't you think? (I didn't take the photo, by the way).

BEFORE: This home has an attractive screened-in porch with a few nice plantings, but nothing to really write home about.

AFTER: Ahhh! So much better. Small water features are easily tucked into any corner of the landscape. Yes, you DO have room for a pond!

BEFORE: A typical suburban yard. Very cute shed with a tidy picket fence, but the patio doesn't look particularly inviting (I'd rather go back by the shed and maybe make some white eyelet curtains for the window).

AFTER: Now that shed isn't so tempting anymore. It's amazing what can happen to your landscape when you just add water.

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April said...

wow! my daughter is going to LOVE this. . .she is the resident gardener and won't give up on the pond notion. :)

HolleyGarden said...

I absolutely love the last one. You're right - in the before photo, the shed was is the main focus, but after - so much more to see and explore!

Solitude Rising said...

Loved your before and after pictures. What a difference a water feature makes in transforming a bland garden.

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Beautiful inspirations!! Thanks for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

meelik said...

They do look nice, but rocks on the bottom,bad bad bad. You'll have to redo your acquascape system if you want fish!

artificial grass supplier said...

Soooo beautiful!

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