Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Livin' the Outdoor Lifestyle

Back in the 1950s, the lawn was a status symbol of suburban living. The bigger and greener the lawn, the better.  The first lawn spreader was invented during this era, and the market was flooded with lawn care products. Today, we're ripping out those green lawns for eco-friendly landscaping solutions like native plants, rainwater harvesting systems, and ecosystem ponds. In addition, we're moving the indoors out ... fireplaces, cushioned furniture, gazebos, even kitchens have moved outdoors. Here's a home located in the suburbs of Chicago that truly seems to have it all when it comes to outdoor living.

Outdoor kitchen to the left, beautiful paver patio for enjoying waterfront views, and a floating deck and gazebo for personal interaction with this amazing pond and waterfall.

What a great place for entertaining! Ample seating is available on the floating deck and dining furniture is available at the far end of the paver patio, as well.

A rustic boardwalk traverses the pond, beckoning visitors to feed the fish up-close, or simply dangle feet into the cool water. By the way, this backyard is featured on a pond tour in Downers Grove, IL on August 20th. The tour is free and more information is available here.

Ornamental shrubs soften the cool, hard edges of rock and lend a calming color palette to the overall design. Very natural. While only 2 years old, this water feature looks as though it's been part of the property forever.

Mossy, well-worn rocks were hand selected to provide an aged feeling to this new water feature. The small rock urn on the right was hand-crafted and pieced together by an artistic friend and pond builder, of BJL Aquascapes in New Jersey.

The same waterfall scene all aglow with energy-efficient LED lights.

Rain dances on the pond while beautiful greenery hugs the rocks.

Large stepping stones descend from the patio to a pebble beach. This is a favorite spot of the children and their friends.

A closer view of the pebble beach where the kids can have hours of fun with their buckets and beach toys. Water lettuce at left provides an element of softness.

A fallen log slows the water before cascading over small rock pillars. What a unique waterfall design!

This outdoor paradise is a far cry from the plain, grassy turf it once was. With a little design inspiration, there's no telling what you can create in your own backyard! What element would you enjoy most? And don't forget, you can see this pond in person on August 20th during a FREE Pond Tour in Downers Grove, IL. Click here for locations, descriptions and directions to the ponds.

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The Sage Butterfly said...

That is an amazing backyard--serene, beautiful, and lots of room for entertaining!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

This is so gorgeous! How I wish it were my back yard. I have two labs and when we got the first one, we soon realized we would have to tear our our little creek bed and waterfall on our berm.
Our lab puppy thought it was her own personal water feature playground!
How I miss the sounds!
So nice to meet you Jennifer and thanks for the antique shop tip. We will go check that out soon!
Do stop by Josie's. Check her hours.... she opens at noon each day but is a doll.

Thanks for stopping by!
Your newest follower.

Landscaping_Katy said...

Awesome awesome landscaping. I especially love the way the lights highlighted the falls. A backyard one can covet. =)

Jennifer Zuri @ Aquascape Your Landscape said...

This backyard will be featured on a pond tour in Downers Grove, IL on August 20th from 10:00 to 5:00. The tour is free ... locations of all ponds for the tour can be found at

Anonymous said...

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