Friday, March 1, 2013

Beautiful Ponds and Waterfalls for Backyard Living

More and more people are sprucing up their backyards to create outdoor living environments where they can relax, de-stress, and entertain friends and family. We took a virtual trip across the country, compliments of Houzz, looking for gorgeous ponds and waterfalls to share with you.

Beautiful nighttime waterfall setting! An eclectic Baltimore, MD Landscape design by Premier Ponds

This is truly the ultimate outdoor living space!

Unique use of rock, log, and statues by New Jersey Pond Contractor BJL Aquascapes

You can see the wide variety available for your very own landscape! Water features come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Whether you choose a small fountain or an expansive pond and waterfall, the options are limitless and each one is unique. Be sure to hire a certified pond professional to have the job done right!


James Reynolds said...

I love the landscape of that back yard! I've been looking into designing my yard in a similar fashion. I would also like to construct a fire pit next to the pond.

Nicole Martin said...

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