Monday, April 8, 2013

A Boring Backyard is Transformed with Refreshing Pond and Waterfalls

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. April is a great month to consider what changes you'd like to make in your backyard. Since we love water features, we can't think of a better way to add beauty and interest to your outdoor living space than with some type of running water. Here's an example of how a boring expanse of grass became a gorgeous oasis in the suburbs of Chicago.

This landscape used to be all lawn and no pizzazz. Now, the homeowner can sit by their watery paradise on a  rustic bench. A variety of plants helps to blend the pond into the surrounding landscape.

A few colorful koi enjoy the cool, clean waters of the pond. When you combine the right balance of fish, plants, filtration, circulation, and rock and gravel ... your pond water will be clean and clear.

Waterfalls aerate the water, providing much needed oxygen for the overall health of the ecosystem pond.

Careful placement of rocks help the water feature appear as though it's always existed in the landscape.

Marginal plants like wet feet and should be placed near the edges of the pond. Not only do they help to filter the water, but they soften the edges of the rock and create a natural look.

Normally, it takes about 3 years for a pond to look fully mature like this one with its lush plantscaping. This gorgeous water feature combines a babbling brook like this along with a larger waterfall.

If you build it ... they WILL come! A friendly frog enjoys a small burrow he found near the stream. He and his friends provide a beautiful chorus well into the evening.

A simple land bridge was added over the stream providing a way to explore and enjoy the pond from all sides.  Be sure to incorporate interactive areas into your pond where you can dangle your feet or feed the fish.

Before and After photos show the refreshing transformation of this suburban Chicago yard. The homeowner will spend less time maintaining the pond than he did mowing the lawn!

Learn more about creating an ecosystem pond that's naturally balanced. You'll spend years enjoying all that nature has to offer when you add a little water to the landscape.

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