Thursday, June 26, 2014

Who Doesn't Want the Perfect Backyard?

When I think of the perfect backyard, something like this one comes to mind. It has a little of everything ... patios, fire pit, plantings, stone pathway, and of course, a pond and waterfall! The design is flawless as one area leads to the next, beckoning you to stay outdoors longer.

An etched stone says "Sanctuary" and truly it is ... for humans and critters alike!

A mossy waterfall not only provides beauty but adds soothing sounds.

Not only can these homeowners enjoy a fire but can also listen to the sounds of the waterfalls in
the background as they relax on their patio.  

Your meal or beverage tastes that much better while enjoying it at a pondside bar. 
Guests will certainly feel welcome and inspired here!

Stepping stones descend from the patio in the background, winding their way to the lower level, inviting visitors to explore the twists and turns of the stream and waterfalls.

A stone bridge creates a place to sit and dangle your feet in the water.

Plantings soften the rock while large outcroppings provide a place to sit.
Shallow pockets of water entice birds to come bathe.

When you think of the perfect outdoor living space, what do you envision?

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