Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Backyard Oasis: From Drab to Fab

This backyard oasis located just west of Chicago had a patchy lawn that was an eyesore for the homeowners when dining and relaxing on their cozy deck. The space was transformed into a beautiful water garden with a playful stream and lush plantings.

This before photo shows the patchy lawn that was simply wasted space.

A flagstone path winds its way around the pond to the other side.

The view from the side of the deck. If you look closely, you can see mushrooms popping their heads above the grass in the foreground.

A close-up view of the pond and its plantings.

Coral Bells and Aquatic Forget-Me-Not provide a lacy contrast to the cool rocks and water.

Pebbles dot the bed of the crystal clear stream while Aquatic Forget-Me-Not peaks out from behind a rock.

A brass fish keeps watch over the gentle stream.

A variety of hostas soften the landscape while our little brass fish admires the Forget-Me-Not.

Another view of the stream as it meanders through the landscape toward home.

Adirondack chairs beckon you to come sit a spell on a lazy, summer afternoon to enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful water garden.


Anonymous said...

I like it...I like It...When can you do my yard?

Amber said...

Beautiful pond

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

This is gorgeous. Oh...how I wish I had something like this...but don't think it would be a good mix with my weenie dogs. I saw you left a comment on my Shabby Apple Giveaway. In order to get all possible entries..you need to leave a comment for each thing you do...because when I choose the winning number....I just count down to what number of comment you are. If you just leave one comment telling me you did all...then you only get one entry...does that make sense? Thanks for liking me on facebook...just just liked you too.

Anonymous said...

note that pond is in a shaded area. lot easier to maintain without algie from a sunny area

Bianca said...

B E A U T F U L...wonderful scaping....wish you were in Toronto.

Bianca said...

oops....here's an "I" I left out!

sadiya afrin said...

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Brielle Franklin said...

What a beautiful backyard. We recently started looking for pool companies in PA so we can get a new pool installed before the summer. However, we have also been looking for something interesting to do with the other half of our yard. I think this idea may be perfect. Thanks so much for the inspiration and the pictures.

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