Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pleasures of Pond Fish

Fish play an important role in the nitrogen cycle of an ecosystem pond. Not only do fish dine on algae, but they provide a beautiful flash of color as they glide in and out of waterlilies. Koi and other pond fish make great outdoor pets ... even learning to eat right out of your hand, if you're patient! When you have a water garden of your very own, you'll grow to love your fish as much as you love your cat or dog!

An Eskimo Kiss is shared over a trickle of fish food pellets. Fido might look like he's snarling, but he actually adores the fish and watches over them every chance he gets.

This beautiful butterfly koi is a prized possession named Marathon. Special thanks to its owner for the photo!

This ethereal, white koi is truly stunning against the cool, dark, watery backdrop.

This festive fellow shows off his feathery fins, dancing about in the cool waters, swishing his tail first one way, and then the other.

And this golden gal proudly flaunts the latest shade of lipstick.

Sometimes hard to spot in the water, Mr. Dark and Mysterious reveals intricate designs in his shimmering scales.

A window frames the perfect view of finned friends. This is a perfect indoor spot for a morning cup of coffee, delighting in the views of the backyard oasis.

You simply can't ignore this face! He may look like a Grumpus-Ala-Bumpus, but he's actually quite pleased in his pond.

Another black beauty skims the surface of the pond. They say not to name your fish, fearing you'll become too attached. But when you see their personality reflected in the water garden, how could you resist naming your finned friends?

How many koi do you have in your water garden, and have you named them?


The Sage Butterfly said...

For a while now, we have been thinking of creating a pond in our backyard. Because we have some other projects going it still will be a while before we actually install one. However, I love the idea of the window overlooking the pond...wonderful. I really like the photo of the kiss with Fido and the Koi.

Amber said...

Beautiful beautiful pictures,to The Sage Butterfly--you should build a pond,best peaceful place I have :) Love my fish and other critters it brings.

Solitude Rising said...

For a couple of years now I have been contemplating on building an exclusive koi pond for our kois which are currently sharing ponds with tilapias and catfishes. Your blog entry speaks to me loudly, telling me that I should not put off this project much longer.

The view outside the window is really beautiful, it looks so relaxing.

Autumn Belle said...

We have 9 koi fishes in our mini pond right next to the entrance to home; 1 black and 8 other colours i.e. in various shades of white, silver, gold. They are common kois but my DH's prized possessions. We call our largest koi, 'Tai Koh' meaning Taipan or big brother. The rest are simply referred to as "fatty bum-bums". I like the idea of your picture window views of the kois.

Jennifer Zuri said...

Fatty Bum-Bums. That's cute!

Landscaping_Katy said...

Love those up close and personal shots of the koi. Their personality definitely shows. It's no just flowers in bloom that brighten the landscape, the koi can easily give them a run for their money! Haha. And you're right about being unable to help it when it comes to naming pet koi. Not when they're flashing their stuff at you =)

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