Friday, June 10, 2011

Amazing Water Plants

Move over Misses Waterlily and Lotus ... there are other budding beauties in the aquatic plant world that are just as capable of strutting their stuff in a pond. Too numerous to post in just one blog entry, you can look forward to future posts showcasing more of these frilly fronds and flowers. But for now, feast your eyes on these stunners that are sure to leave you wanting a water garden of your own ... if you don't already have one. (Note: Many aquatics can be planted in soil as long as you keep their feet wet.)

One look at the dainty, lavendar flowers and it's easy to see why water hyacinth is a favorite among pond hobbyists. But be careful, this little plant is very prolific!

Bloody Dock is an excellent texture plant. The red veins pop out against the bright green leaves. Plant this at the edges of the pond ... it likes wet feet and prefers dappled sunlight.

Marsh marigold will brighten your day even when the sky is gray, forming impressive tufts. It blooms mid-March to middle of June, just about the time when a bright pop of yellow is sorely needed after the rainy days of spring.

Here's a fun fellow ... Corkscrew Rush! Don't you just love the way it twists and turns? I like to think of it as a party plant that will make you smile every time your eyes catch sight of it.

And then there's Pink Pickerelweed, a perfect choice for those who love pink-green combinations. But if you're not tickled pink ...

... then you can opt for Purple Pickerelweed instead. Or why not both?

Arrowhead is another favorite among water gardeners, not only for the dainty flowers, but for the interesting leaf shape.

Horsetail needs to be viewed up close to truly appreciate the delicate details of this plant. Use Horsetail to add architecture to the expanse of your pond.

Golden Variegated Sweet Flag arches gracefully across a stream or waterfall and can help to soften the edges of cool, hard rocks. You can enjoy this plant in the landscape, too!

Nuphar lutea, also known as Spatterdock, looks like Rununcula. The golden buttons are absolutely adorable and make great cut flowers.

Who doesn't love Red Stemmed Thalia? Its stately elegance provides an instant focal point in any water garden setting.

Another adorable water plant is Yerba Mansa. The root is medicinal and its dried plant parts are sometimes used in potpourri.

You can learn more about aquatic plants in my earlier post, A Primer on Pond Plants. What's your favorite aquatic plant? I'm fond of the Pink Pickerelweed and am linking this week to Pink Saturday over at How Sweet the Sound. Go check it out and see what else is pink!


amanda said...

I have a pond, but it is sadly neglected as I am not quite sure what to do with it. This blog is very inspirational.

Jennifer Zuri said...

Thank you, Amanda! For more inspiration, visit You can sign up for a free monthly newsletter while there, filled with lots of good pond info. I'm certain it will help you figure out what to do with your pond.

Gail said...

Oh my, such beauties. I don't think I could pick a favorite. I do not have a pond, but am always intrigued by them, so pretty and soothing.
Happy PS

Light and Voices said...

I don't have a pond either; but yours is quite lovely. HPS!
Joyce M

LV said...

Since I am a lover of flowers, I really enjoyed your post today. I have not seen these before.

p3chandan said...

My all-time favourite is of course the dainty water hyacinth, have them in my pond too, cant get enough photographing them! I wish I could have those pink and purple pinkerelweed, yellow marsh marigold and the yerba mansa, will surely brighten up my small pond!

The Sage Butterfly said...

I plant Bloody Dock on my patio because it is such a beautiful plant.

managed exchange hosting said...

Beautiful they are!

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