Wednesday, June 22, 2011

White in the Water Garden

While everyone loves the pop of a pink lotus or violet waterlily, have you ever considered adding whimsical white to your water garden? White is actually the reflection of all colors and all wavelengths. If one of the colors is subtracted from white light, you see the complementary color. For example, if yellow is subtracted from white light, you see blue. Nature is so amazing ... and these white aquatic plants certainly prove that point!

A pair of white waterlilies rest atop a cool pond, one fully open and the other just awakening.

Zoom in to reveal the intricate details of the waterlily's sunny center, glowing proudly within the inner circle of petals.

This aquatic crinum lily is dainty and elegant all at once. Add these to your water garden or a boggy area for an architectural statement.

And be sure to enjoy their gentle beauty up close.

This breathtaking, night-blooming tropical waterlily will delight you as the sun sets on the horizon. Can you see the little blue dragonfly perched on its petal?

Hymenocallis, or Spider Lily, is an easy-to-grow, reliable moisture-lover. If you love green and white combinations, like I do, you'll love this compelling flower. Although it grows primarily along the edges of a pond, you can plant it in soil (just remember to keep its feet wet).

Refresh yourself on hot summer days with this cute little Water Snowflake. Don't you just love its fuzzy, feathery petals?

Got shade? Then you'll want to get White Butterfly Ginger, which is just as fragrant as a Gardenia. Mmmm. It's considered invasive in some areas, like Hawaii, so keep your eye on it ... but why would you want to take your eye off it?

In honor of "White Wednesday" I'm connecting to Faded Charm Cottage. Oh ... and while I appreciate all the compliments on the quality of photos ... please remember that these photos are taken by water gardeners from across the country (and Canada too!).


Cathy and Steve said...

You're white, there is something very special about white in the water garden! And your photography is spectacular!

p3chandan said...

I love those beautiful whites! I have many white blooms in my garden too but I dont think they are a great attraction to pollinators though!Great macro shots of the waterlily!

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