Friday, July 8, 2011

Aqua Terra: Home of The Pond Guy™

Aqua Terra is a private residence gracing the western fringe of the Chicago 'burbs, complete with a one-acre ecosystem pond . The proud and happy owner is Greg Wittstock (aka "The Pond Guy") founder and CEO of Aquascape, Inc. This amazing and expansive water feature showcases a variety of water gardening elements ... too many to post all at once. For now, enjoy the splendor of a just a few highlights of this captivating habitat.

An overhead view reveals the pathway encircling and dissecting the pond. The Pond Guy™ wants visitors to appreciate all views of his personal sanctuary (that's his dad getting ready to feed the fish from the deck).

Waterlilies hug a peninsula populated with rocks and vegetation.

These magnificent waterlilies are named "Pink Grapefruit." The name suits them well, don't you think?

A variety of waterlilies mingle peacefully beneath a rocky waterfall. The waterfalls provide beneficial aeration, critical for maintaining water quality and clarity.

These bright, yellow waterlilies add spots of sunshine on an overcast day.

The house and pond are blended seamlessly to create true, waterfront living. You can actually feed the fish from the window!

Father and son enjoy many special moments in their backyard habitat. Who needs to go on vacation when paradise is in your own backyard?

'Pink Grapefruit' grow to a healthy size when fertilized properly ... waterlilies tend to be voracious eaters.

Mossy rocks provide a textural backdrop for the cool waters spilling into a gravel bed, softened by iris.

The Pond Guy™ is passionate about improving the quality of life of those around him by introducing them to the water garden lifestyle. His company, Aquascape, Inc., is located in St. Charles, Illinois ... the Water Garden Capital of the World.

More information about Aquascape and living the water garden lifestyle is available at

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David Hornsby said...

I wanted to be the first to post!!!! Been there several times and love it every time I go. Aqua Terra is definitely my favorite waterfront property in Illinois..... Thanks for the many educational and fun times there... David Hornsby Fort Myers FL

LV said...

Thank you for this grand tour of this fabulous place.

alicesg said...

Wow these water lilies are a beauty. Lovely to be able to swim among them. Happy Pink Saturday

Nicole Martin said...

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