Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Waterfall Wednesday

This morning's news claimed that at least 30 states in the US will be under heat advisory at some point this week. What better way to cool off than with a refreshing waterfall ... or two ... or more? Waterfalls range from sweet and gentle to dramatic and thunderous. You can really set the mood in your backyard depending on what type of waterfall you create. So to help keep you from melting this week, rest your weary eyes on these cool, refreshing waterfalls.

This is a favorite photo for me. I love the mossy rock behind the waterfall and the way the clematis winds its way around the rock.

Creeping Jenny brightens up a shady spot. Such a gentle waterfall flowing over beautiful granite rocks. I remember collecting granite stones as a kid and admiring their various flecks of color.

Such beautiful landscaping with a waterfall as the focal point. I'd love to grab a frosty glass of iced tea and sit with a friend at the table and talk about nothing in particular.

This rugged waterfall comes complete with greenery, fallen logs, a bit of moss, and a stone staircase for exploration.

Don't you want to just reach out and touch the frothy flowers, and then work your way back to wiggle your fingers in the waterfalls?

A dramatic waterfall makes a lasting impression. To break up all the rock, the landscaper added pops of orange, pink, white and purple flowers along with architectural grasses.

A sheet-style waterfall softened with impatiens, grasses, moss, and more. The water is so clean and crisp!

Now this is my idea of an idyllic lifestyle ... a soothing waterfall, colorful koi, comfy Adirondack chair, all surrounded by rural spaces. You can almost smell the fresh, farm air!

The waterfall looks like it's been here for years. Proper use of rock and plant placement creates a natural-looking feature. Note the foot lights climbing the stone staircase for safe, nighttime viewing.

It seems no two waterfalls are exactly alike. What type of waterfall do you prefer?

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. These are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

every one in a big hurry about nothing needs to have these to look at....can you add sound for them...I have my oasis in front of my screen porch wake up there,read there,do art,garden around it all...Plus get to end my day better life then this...EXCEPT to make the next pond and waterfall larger as big/large is never enough:)lol

Solitude Rising said...

I too love looking at waterfall landscapes be it real or man-made. There's something about moving and falling water that relaxes the nerves and quiets a spirit. Thanks for sharing these beautiful and relaxing images of waterfalls.

A Rosy Note said...

How beautiful :)

Steve Soper said...

Again, great work. Your blog is really fun to follow. Feel like I get my little water garden fix for the day when I'm at work viewing these amazing photos. Keep up the good work.

Alison said...

Oh, I love the clematis in that first photo, climbing beside the waterfall! I have to try that with mine.

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